Theme Customization

WordPress is a one of the best choices for CMS for businesses because it is simple to use, easy to modify and control and it is a given that it allows you to deploy your business website with a blog section. All organisations need an affordable website and we fully understand this.

In the last few years we have seen tens of millions of companies buying generic WP templates online because they are cost effective and instantly provide businesses a decent looking website platform – literally in a couple of clicks. However, there are some things that are missing and even problematic when deploying one of these templates.

Uniqueness of Concept

Consider this: when you use a template you are not creating a “unique” presence. Time and time again we find competitors and unrelated companies using the exact same theme – without any customisation. How many times have you needed to revisit a site… you go back through your history to find the domain and can’t remember which target you were looking for because there is nothing to remind you.

When you allocated time and resources to generate a custom look and feel then you get to build something truly memorable for the visitors to remember more vividly and for a longer period. With Gold Coast WordPress Customisation you also get to choose aspects of the design that will address the needs of your page visitors as well as integrating your personality into the design elements. Being unique in the market is an important thing in business and in particular online marketing.

Clean Code, Virus Free

Sometimes templates come with unfriendly bugs and many times you are not getting the clean code you paid for. All designers have different levels of experience methods to achieve their version of best practices. Templates can sometimes produce the worst code ever and we have even seen hidden trojan viruses that setup casino’s in the background! If you are going to choose a template choose one very carefully from a reputable source!

A good designer/developer will be a write code that is clean and efficient and this is something you need to ensure. Clean code is optimal for indexation by search engines and it is critical if you want your site to work on all browsers, and on mobile. It also helps with page load times.

One common issue that arises with ‘off-the-shelf’ templates is their coding can interact negatively with certain plugins (even when they promise it won’t). With clean code there is a lot less worry regarding plugins. Decent developers can simply code in required parameters (without interference with bad code) instead of using a standard plugin.

Your Unlimited Choices

Anytime you have a website you NEED the ability to be fluid and dynamic – just like your own business. Here are some examples of things we suggest you have control of:

  • How media is displayed
  • Custom code in page headers and sidebars
  • Change fonts styles, sizes and colors
  • Home page layout configurations
  • Page to page layouts and tempaltes
  • Blog excerpt display control and featured images
  • Blog page layout including CSS
  • Footer displays and contact elements
  • Slider controls including banner rotators – height, width, text, images, speed of change, linking images
  • Contact form options and pop-ups

If you like things to look and respond in a certain way and you also like to address the little details, always bare in mind that often templates don’t allow the control you might require. A customised WordPress theme lets you choose what you want to implement and how you want it to appear.

Long Term Costs

We fully understand that many people don’t consider a custom WP design to represent good value for money (based on client experience), but the benefits are significant. Correctly representing the organisation online is critical to the success of every business today. Every single business needs to have a strong web presence both on the search engines and on social media. The overall professionalism can determine a lot of this success.

Every organisation needs to stand out and their website needs to create a feeling of trust instantly. Websites must meet the needs of the user experience (UX) and this means that sites need to be tailored to meet those exacting needs.

No matter what kind of business you are in, no matter what industry sector you operating in – budgeting to invest in a solid website can be considered fundamental. If your budget is low then just start out with a standard and generic template and as you save money monthly proceed towards a solid, customised website. A strong website will pay off quickly and stand the test of time. Like most things it is wise to remember, you pay for what you get.

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